Blogger vs WordPress: 12 Reasons Which Is Best WordPress Vs Blogger?

Whenever we talk about blogging then WordPress & Blogger will definitely comes into our mind. Because both are the most popular platforms in the blogging world. Well, the debate between Blogger vs WordPress took a confusing phase. That's why we'll do here a comparison between WordPress vs Blogger which will help you to select one. 

Are you a newbie in this blogging world? And you are confused to choose the best blogging platform for your website. Well, it is obvious to appear that question in your mind is that "Which Is The Best WordPress vs Blogger?" But there is no need to worry about that because we are considering here some important points of WordPress vs Blogger which help you to get a clearer picture of both blog site.

Even though there are a number of options available to choose a perfect blogging platform. However, most of the bloggers start their blogging career with Blogger.

Undoubtedly, Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms for beginners, but when you want to make a profit through your blog and you want to turn it into a business then you have to move to another platform like WordPress.

As we all know that Blogger is a free as well as reliable service which is provided by the search engine giant Google. Still, Blogger is not as effective as of WordPress that has more than billions of users at the time. So, here is the perfect answer to your confusion between Blogger vs WordPress.

Is WordPress Better Than Blogger?

If you go for the comparison between the WordPress vs Blogger then you have the knowledge about those key points that makes Blogger less effective than WordPress.

Poor performance

It's not have many features in


Fewer options available.

Bad comment area

Limited control on blog

Important Point: Please note that this is the comparison between  & Blogger, not vs Blogger.

Which Is Best WordPress Vs Blogger?

Blogger vs WordPress: 12 Reasons Which Is Best WordPress  Vs  Blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger:

Here are the 12 reasons that will clearly show you which is best Blogger vs WordPress? Check out them-

#1 Control

As we all know that, Blogger is a free, reliable as well as popular blogging platform which is provided by the search engine giant Google.

That means Blogger is not owned by you because this service is provided by Google that's why Google has right to shut down your access to it due to which it will shut down anytime. And it provided you limited tools which allow you to perform some few tasks on your site.

However, it will best that if you have a backup of your blog time to time, otherwise may be you will face a huge loss. But for creating the backup you have to do this – Go to Settings >> Other >> Export Blog.

On the other hand, If you use WordPress hosting provider to host your own website then you can own all data of your website. Then there is no one has the power to delete or remove your blog except one condition in that case you break the pre-mentioned rules & regulations of a hosting company. Except for this rare situation, you are completely free from any kind of restrictions.

So, WordPress is a very flexible blogging platform that provides you full control on your blog. At last, we can say that this point is enough makes the WordPress winner in this WordPress vs Blogger competition.

#2 Quicker Loading

To handle all things, Blogger uses only a single but long HTML page that leads poor SEO due to which the loading time would be affected.

Whereas, WordPress has features of fast loading that takes very less time. Even you can use plugins that improve the speed of the site due to which you will easily get those plugins in WordPress.

#3 Easily Manageable

In the comparison of Blogger, WordPress can easily be managed because it takes few minutes to manage design, content or settings and also there is no requirement of any kind of technical skill which is a very good point in this blogging platform.

The best part is that you can control different websites from a single dashboard which is really impossible from Blogger.

#4 A Custom Blog Domain Name

If you choose Blogger then there is not compulsory to have a custom blog domain name as well because it’s just an optional here.

But when you choose WordPress there is a compulsory having a domain name which is a great thing because no one can force you to change the name of your blog or website. Even you can start link building without delay.

#5 SEO Options

Well currently, you have got some of the SEO options in Blogger like WordPress. Like- New blog posts get index immediately. And the servers of Blogger are reliable as well as virtually there is no downtime.

But in this case, WordPress has great benefit compared to Blogger because there are several SEO options available in WordPress. So, WordPress can help you to grow faster in the Blogging world.

#6 Endless Themes

You can make changes in Blogger but in the appearance of blog otherwise, Blogger does not give you the permission of changing the external look of your blog.

But WordPress is better than Blogger, in this case because you have a lot of options of themes & custom interfaces that can help you to change the look of your website or blog as well. Even you can choose here which type of theme you want to use on your blog or website. It means there are available both free as well as paid or premium themes that will give you an impressive look to your blog or website.

#7. Awesome Plugins

Firstly, you didn’t get any such plugin in Blogger that makes changes in Blogger very easily. Even if you want to make changes in Blogger then you have the knowledge of coding because you have to work on the coding section to make changes in blog/website which makes it complicated for that one who is not familiar with coding.

That's why WordPress is better than Blogger because there are a number of plugins available in WordPress that make it very reliable blogging platform and there is no need to having coding or technical skills. Through which you can make changes very easily.

#8 Impressive Look

If you want to get the impressive or professional look of your blog or website then you must use WordPress because there are a lot of options available comparatively than WordPress.

#9 Blogs That Are Accepted By All Ad-Networks

This is true that there are few ad networks that do not accept blogs on Blogger but they accept self-hosted blogs like WordPress. So, this shows that why WordPress is better than Blogger?

#10 Number Of Frameworks

At last, you can see here why Blogger is less effective than WordPress? Because WordPress is again showing itself best in the case of having a different kind of frameworks like Thesis & Genesis which are easily installable on the blogs or website on the WordPress platform.

Even you can create themes that can be done without doing any coding with the help of these frameworks. There will be so many changes that you can perform on your blog.

#11 Security

Generally, Blogger is a very secure platform. Honestly, we have never heard any kind of complaint regarding the Blogger hacking. Even if there are any type of spam comments then Blogger filters them.

WordPress is not as secure as Blogger because it is a self-hosted that’s why you are responsible for security and backups. But it can be more secure through security plugins, which make your task easier.

#12 Images

Well, all of the Blogger accounts come up with 1GB disk space which is enough to store your photos. Though, going through your photos can be an intimidating task. Usually, finding one is almost an impossible attempt.

On the other hand in WordPress, you have a lot of space as you purchased with your hosting plan. Even you can easily manage & view all of your images, videos as well as other files from one screen.

Last Words:

​We hope the comparison between "WordPress vs Blogger" helped you to understand which blogging platform is better for you.

Now you can also clearly say that in the battle of WordPress vs Blogger, WordPress becomes the winner because it has a lot of impressive as well as interactive features which are not available in Blogger.

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  1. I like blogger. I’ve never had an issue. I do agree with some things like the bad comment area, but a free third party widget solved that for me.

  2. This is a great and informative post for those who are trying to decide between WP and Blogger. I am WP all the way, but it’s important for people to look at their goals and not just right now. This is a big help in deciding which to choose.

  3. I used Blogger but I wanted more control and features so I switched to WordPress and I am a very happy blogger so far 🙂

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Blogger vs WordPress: 12 Reasons Which Is Best WordPress Vs Blogger?

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