Different Ways To Reset WordPress Password That You Didn’t Know!

Imagine due to some kind of stuff you just lost your WordPress dashboard password and now you want to reset your WordPress password. So, how would you cope up with such a problem? This will be a very traumatic situation if you are unable to recover your WordPress dashboard account.

The best thing about WordPress is a free and an open-source Content Management System(CMS) which is based on PHP & MySQL. So, luckily WordPress provides you number of options to resetting or changing the password of your WordPress login within a few minutes. That’s why here we are going to introduce you with some different methods that will help you to reset your password.

But firstly, we have to see that -

How To Change The WordPress Password:

How to change wordpress password

If you want to change your old password then you can easily change your password from your dashbaoard settings. Check out the steps:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: From the left hand menu, click on Users.

Step 3: Stay close to your admin user, then click on Edit.

Step 4: Scroll up to the bottom, set your new secure password, then click on Update Profile.

Step 5: Now, you will see that your admin profile is updated.

How To WordPress Password Reset:

Reset WordPress Password

Generally, people have lost their password then they face problems to reset the password. That’s why, here we are going to discuss with you some easy ways to reset the WordPress password which are divided into technical as well as non-technical methods.

So, if you don’t have a technical knowledge in technical field then there is no need to worry about that because with the help of non-technical method by which you can solve your problem very easily without facing any kind of problem.

Take a look about such given methods: 

Reset the password through Email

Reset the password through


Reset the password through


Reset the password via FTP

Reset the password via using

Emergency Password Reset Script.

Reset The Password Through Email:

Honestly, this is the basic as well as simplest method to recover or reset the password of your WordPress site. The best part is that there is no need to having a technical knowledge for using this method.

Step 1: Go to your login screen at http://example.com/wp-login.php (replace example.com with your actual domain and installation location).

Step 2: Under the login form, click Lost your password.

Step 3: Enter the username or email address of the account.

Step 4: Click Get New Password to have the password sent to your email address.

Reset The Password Through Quickinstall:

This is the second easiest method to reset the WordPress password and most of the people didn’t have knowledge about this method. This is also a non-technical process which is very easy to apply just following the few steps. You can follow the steps that are given below:

Step 1: Log into cPanel.

Step 2: Under Software/Services, click on QuickInstall.

Step 3: At the top of the page, click on My Installs.

Step 4: Locate the installation you wish to modify.

Step 5: Click on Reset Password.

Step 6: Select the username and then enter a new password.

Step 7: Click the reset Password button to change the password for the selected user.

Reset The Password Through Phpmyadmin:

Usually, whenever you forgot the password, you can use the WordPress reset link that has been emailed. However, if this method is unavailable(like- your email is not working correctly) then you can reset the password manually through the database of your WordPress that takes you into "phpmyadmin."

But you have to knowledge about database otherwise you can not apply this method. Check out the steps to reset the password of your WordPress through phpmyadmin:

Step 1: Log into cPanel.

Step 2:  Then go into the Databases, click on phpMyAdmin.

Step 3: Click on the WordPress database(if you installed this through QuickInstall, this will be named wrdp#) from the left panel list.

Step 4: Click on wp_users from the left panel list.

Step 5: Under user_login you will see the list of registered users. Under the user whose password you wish to reset, click on edit.

Step 6: Under the user_pass column, clear the value on the far right and replace with what you would like the password to be.

Step 7: In the Function drop-down menu and select MD5.

Step 8: At the bottom of the page then click on GO.

Reset The Password Via FTP:

Still your problem is not resolve and you are not able to reset the password through database then you have another way to reset your WordPress admin password through FTP.

This one is also comes in technical part, that's why you have to little-bit knowledge about coding section. So, let's have look on the steps:

Step 1: Login to your website via FTP & navigate to your theme's functions. php file and download it to your local computer.

Step 2: On second line add this:

Wp_set_password('password' , 'admin');

Step 3: Upload this modified functions.php file back to your /themes folder on the server.

Step 4: Login to your WordPress dashboard using the new temporary password you just set.

Step 5: Now that you've successfully reset your password, remove the wp_set_password line from your local functions.php file, and re-upload it. 

Reset The Password Using Emergency Password Reset Script:

If all of the above options is not working then you have this last option to reset the WordPress password which is Emergency Password Reset Script. It is not a kind of plugin rather a PHP script. You have to check the following points as well as steps which is given below:

Important Points:

  • You have to know about the admin username for using this script.
  • This script updates the admin password and send the email to the admin's email address.
  • If you don't get the sent email, the password is still changed.
  • The script is to be the placed of your WordPress installation.
  • When you finish the work then you have to remove the script which is extremely important for the purpose of security.

Directions To Use:

Step 1: Copy the emergency script from Emergency Password Script and place it into a file called emergency.php in the root of your WordPress installation.

Step 2: Visit the script in your web browser. Like-

(http:// example.com/emergency.php)

Step 3: Enter the username & the new password in the WordPress admin then click on Update option. 

Step 4: Remove the emergency .php file from the server when you are done because of the security purpose.

Last Words:

WordPress is a very flexible blogging platform that can be very easily manageable without having technical or coding knowledge. So, if you face any kind of problem regarding to WordPress then there are number of options available to resolve your problem.

After reading this article you have the information regarding to reset your WordPress password and we really hope this article will be helpful for you. If you liked this article please share this article.

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Different Ways To Reset WordPress Password That You Didn’t Know!

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