We are familiar with the terminologies like web and hosting but not with “Web Hosting”. Web and hosting together sounds like hosting a web right!

Yes it is all about hosting a web or sites. Let me give an example

I want to sell handmade crafts that I have created myself. For that people need to know that I am selling these items so they can buy. Here comes the third party host which will help me to sell my products in exchange of rent policy. This third party host will give me platform or place to channelize my products to the buyers. Unless until my product is publicly known, I will not get buyers for my handcrafts. So this third party gonna help me by giving me place on a rent basis to start my business.

Coming to technical terms I can design a website of my own and can give a domain name for it but still my website is not ready to be access by people worldwide for that I need web hosting.

So, basically web hosting is a service that permits you to post a website or web page onto the internet. And some people use it as their business to become a web hosting service provider in which they offers you the technologies and services that you needed to build your website or to create a webpage. The websites who provides these type of services are stored on special computers that are called as servers.

Now the question comes into your mind that why do you need this service then you have to read this – Whenever any internet user want to see your website then they type your website’s address or domain into their browser at that time their computer will connect to your website’s server and your web pages will be delivered onto their browser. That’s why you need hosting service for your website.

Usually, most of the hosting companies’ wants that you own your domain in order to host with them. And if you do not have a domain then no need to worry about that because every hosting will help you to purchase that one.

If you decide to build your own website or web page then you have to go for one of the best hosting service provider like – HostGator.com, Bluehost.com and so on. 

Here come different plans to get rent spaces on host servers. As requirement of server space varies from site to site as for availability and popularity.

  • Free
  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • Cloud Hosting

Free Hosting ($0)

Free hosting is like a shared hosting meant for private sites which do not need access of 24*7 here the disadvantages are it is slow compare to paid shared hosting and are overloaded with ads.

Shared Hosting ($4 to $20/month)

In shared hosting same resource will be accessed by different clients. This type is most common and cheapest one as per start-ups and small clients. All the clients have their own accounts in the server. New and small business websites don’t have traffic of more users so they don’t need much bandwidth, resources. It comes with Word press hosting, web Builders, Email Clients etc. One disadvantage is,in shared hosting what we are doing in our account can affect other clients.

VPS ($30 to $40/month)

(Virtual private Servers) You will have more control on your servers as compared to Shared hosting. It is preferred for security point of view. What we are doing in our account will not affect other users as like shared one.

Dedicating Server ($79 to $399/month)

It is high-priced as here you can own your personal physical server which will give you fastest bandwidth, resources as much as you need. This is best for reliability and security point of view.

Cloud Hosting (Depends on requirement)

Cloud Hosting is interesting as here you pay what you use. Here the resources allocated to the website can be expand and shrink according to websites traffic best meant for larger sites.

Best Web Hosting Company (Recommended)

Decide what kind of website you are creating and analyse the traffic and resources it can hit in the time being then go for the right plan.

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