Have you decided to start a blog? Great!!

Generally, people want to know how to start a blog? But do you know what is a blog and why you want to create or start a blog?

Blog is a way by which you can express your idea to the world. This is the place where you can share your thoughts, passion and feelings through internet. And it is great if you have the habit of writing story or articles because you can publish your thoughts through your own blog which is really very simple.

"WHY" You Want To Start A Blog?

Nowadays, people use internet to communicate or interact with each other which increases day-by-day.  So, most of people start blogging to share their ideas and thoughts through internet. And this is the fact that when you know what is your destination or aim then you will getting your own way that makes your path easier. The people who started a blog they have their own reasons to create that blog.

That's why firstly find out what's your main purpose to create a successful blog? Well, we are going to discuss about some common reasons that usually people have in their mind. Let’s check out the points and try to find out what’s your reason to start a blog?

Make Money- Making money is a basic purpose of people for creating a successful blog. But making money from blog is not an easy task because it takes time and commitment then you will definitely make real money from blogging.

Become A Better Person- When you start blogging then it will help you to think clearly, communicate as well as build your own creative relations.

Just Write- If you have the habit of writing story and articles and you want to encourage the other people through your stories then you have to write a blog which will be a very good option for you. Even you can improve your writing and which comes regular practice.

Get Published- Well, as we all know that the world is changing day by day and now authors make their blog smartly as well as publish their work that you can also do it. Because it is an easiest way to sell their books and blog is the one of the best place to start it.

Explore Your Business- Through blog you can build your own large company from individual and you have the ability to reach a large number of people at very low cost.

So, what you think what is your purpose to start a blog? You can see here a small guide to start your own blog.

How To Start A Blog?

Still you are wondering how to start a blog? Then you’re in the right place, here you can get all of the info that you have required to start a successful blog.

We have created this guide to figure out the actual things that may help you to create a blog and there is no need to learn coding(like HTML, CSS and so on.) or wasting your time on reading boring and long tutorials.

Here we will explain you the simple steps that may help you to learn it very quickly in a very easy way. So, let’s get started now.

Basic Steps To Start A Blog:

There are the 5 basic steps to start a blog that can help you to create a successful blog. Let's have a look-

1. What To Blog About?

2. ​Pick Up A Domain

3. Choosing A Platform

4. Choose Web Hosting For Your Blog

5. Design Your Own Blog

#1. What To Blog About?

This is the most important thing of starting a blog and for blogging you have to clear about the topic of your blog on which you will make a successful blog that people will read and like it. Here are some key points that you have to remember when you are going to select a topic for blogging:

  • Blog about something you have great feeling and you'll enjoy it.
  • The topic of blog should be something that becomes the point of discussion between people.
  • And yes, you have to choose a perfect niche by which you can settle yourself as an authority.

#2. Pick Up A Domain:

You have to pick up an unique domain because you will be known online by your domain name, no matter which website you choose. It has the unique address of your blog on the internet. And it will be yours until you stop renewing it.

Your domain name may become huge popular "dot com" or you choose according to a particular country or niche. Here you can get from .us(United States) to .co.uk(United Kingdom) and from .guru(for life coaches) to .sport(for sports related domains), these top level domains(TLDs) are used to add in any domain name in order to point to their location. Usually people go for “dot com” but some of other extensions are also helpful such as “dot net” or “dot me.”

If you have not your own domain then you can purchase it at a very cheap price, and we are going to suggest you Godaddy.com. Godaddy provides you a best theme at very cheap price. So,what are you waiting for go and purchase it then make your own blog as you want.

#3. Choosing A Platform:

At initial level most of the people think that "How Do I Start A Blog?"

And it obvious to think like that because at that time you have no idea about how to create a successful blog? But no need to worry about that this article will help you definitely.

After choosing a topic for blog then you have to look for a platform that will be perfect for your blog. And there are a lot of options available for starting a successful blog. And initially people go for free which is Okay but not good for your blog or website because you have limited options on that blogging platform but you get what you pay for and using a paid service is not expensive.

Well, WordPress is the best platform for blogging because there are more than 82 million WordPress active users. And many other reasons are as follows:

  • It is free as well as easy to use.
  • You'll get tons of free themes and layouts.
  • It provides you massive support forum whenever you get stuck.
  • People can be shred and commented on your content due to which many users can interacted with your blog very easily.
  • It is a mobile responsive platform.

#4. Choose A Web Hosting For Your Blog:

Here we are going to recommend you www.Bluehost.com as main web hosting as well as domain provider for your blog and website.

Here are given steps to make a blog on internet online that are as follows:

Firstly, open the link www.Bluehost.com in a new tab. Then you will see there a homepage of Bluehost and there you’ll be able to see a huge green button which is "Get Started Now" you have to click on that button.

How To Start A Blog

There you'll see a page where you will select your hosting plan. For the cheapest offer you have to "Select Basic Package."

How To Start A Blog

After selecting your package then you'll reach a page to check the domain name is available or not. If it's available, click "Next."

How To Start A Blog

Fill your account details, package information and finally after payment details click on "Submit" button.

How To Start A Blog

Now your process is complete of purchasing your new blog. Then "Create A Password" to login into your Bluehost control panel.

How To Start A Blog

Now you can login with your new password and type domain name in username and then click on "Submit" button.

How To Start A Blog

Now click on the icon "Install WordPress" to setup your blog.

How To Start A Blog

And then click on "Start" button to install WordPress.

How To Start A Blog

Now you’ll able to see "Check Domain" button to move forward then click on it.

How To Start A Blog

At last, click on "Install Now" to complete your process.

How To Start A Blog

That's it! Now your WordPress is installed succesfully.

#5. Design Your Blog:

After choosing a domain and setting it up, now the fun part is begin.

Yes, now you can make your blog exactly same as you want. For choosing a perfect theme for your blog or website you have to follow three simple steps which as follows:

Log in to your WordPress blog. Click on the "Appearance" where you can browse and choose number of themes.

How To Start A Blog

Select a theme from the available themes.

How To Start A Blog

Either you can go for another options where you can get attractive as well as effective themes from the theme market that are- MyThemeShop, Themeforest, Elegant Themes and so on.

That's it! Now you can start your blog.


Starting a successful blog is not a difficult task if you follow these simple steps then you'll easily establish your own blog or website that can make money. As well as people will read your blog or article then the user get interacted with you slowly-slowly. And you become famous, if you want then you can make your large company through blogging.

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