List Of Best Security Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely-used blogging platforms which is a very secure platform in itself. There are millions of websites which are using WordPress. That’s why hackers are more interested in hacking the WordPress websites. You can use the best security plugins for your WordPress website that will be saved from any kind of malware attack.

As you know that plugin is a piece of software that has various kind of features & functionalities that can be added into WordPress sites. The best thing about plugins is they make your work is very easy by adding new features without knowing a single line of code. There are thousands of plugins available absolutely free at the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

So, most of the user wants to protect their sites from Malware attacks that’s why they use different kinds of services or plugins that can secure their site from harmful virus attacks.

That's why, we have listed out top 5 WordPress security plugins in this article and you may choose one which is best for your site’s protection.

Best WordPress Security Plugins:

As we told you that there are thousands of plugins available in WordPress directory to protect your WordPress site. So you have to check out the all details or information before installing a plugin by which you can determine the source of plugin or read the user reviews.

Although it seems like a small piece of cake which may handle a WordPress website, So, let's the list of best security plugins for WordPress.

Let's get started now!

1. Security Ninja:

Best Security Plugins For WordPress 1

Security Ninja is one the best WordPress security plugin which can prevent you from the malware attacks. Even you can fix the safety issues through this plugin with the help of providing a guide. You can also stop the cyberpunks and ignore the data threats. Well, there are many versions of this plugin is available in the market but it’s good if you are able to purchase the Pro version of Security Ninja plugin because it will protect your site in an exclusive way by applying various modules of its.

Here are given the features of Security Ninja just check out that-

  • Simple & safe to use.
  • Perform 50+ security tests & 4 advanced sections in paid version with one-click.
  • Intrusion scripts cannot be entered
  • Prevent 0-day exploit attacks
  • Take preventive measures against attacks
  • Check your site for security vulnerabilities, issues & holes.

2. Wordfence:

Best Security Plugins For WordPress 2

Wordfence is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin that gives you surety for your website protection by which your site run perfectly. It has remarkable features that will never let you down. It is one of the best security plugins for WordPress because it checks your files regularly and whenever you made new changes in your file then it checks that file is safe or not.

Similarly Google, it is also providing two-step verification for its users. With this security plugin, you can block any suspicious IP address.

Let's have a look the features of Wordfence:

  • Wordfence firewall
  • Regular file scanning
  • Real-time view of live traffic
  • Real-time view of live traffic
  • Mention the hacking possibilities
  • Shows the hack attempts on your website
  • Country blocking

3. iThemes Security:

Best Security Plugins For WordPress 3

iThemes another one of the best security plugin. It gives you 30+ ways to protect your WordPress site. iThemes Security plugin stops automated attacks as well as strengthen your credentials. It has the feature of scheduled scanning, it means you can schedule your scanning time.

It can also save you from brute force attack and can block the web hosting that has too many login attempts and suspicious data.

Check out it’s another impressive features:

  • Detects bots which seek vulnerabilities on your website.
  • Secure you from brute force attack.
  • Malware detection is included.
  • Possible to change the wp-content path.
  • Regular backup of the database

4. All In One WP Security:

Best Security Plugins For WordPress 4

All In One WordPress Security is one the most popular security plugin for WordPress which takes your site’s security to a new level. Developers have designed this security plugin to solve all of the problems to protect your site from hackers.

It is also one of the best security plugins because it can detect the default username "admin" then it will inform you as well as it gives you the strong password generation tool. It provides you the automatic backup option that checks all of the permissions of each and every file. This security plugin protects you from brute force attacks all of the IP address.

Check out the highlights of All in one WP security:

  • Protects the PHP code.
  • Firewall is provided.
  • Blocks fake users.
  • Acess the .htaccess file from your admin area.
  • Prevents the files like wp-config.php, readme.html & many more.

5. Bulletproof Security:

Best Security Plugins For WordPress 5

What happen? still, are you searching for the security plugin of your website? Then you may use BulletProof Security plugin for the protection of your website. It protects all of the hidden files of your site's directory and also it has .htaccess file with firewall feature. It has also an anti-access guard for the important folder of your website directory.

It's highlights are given below:

  • Core files security
  • Checks hidden plugin folders
  • Login security is available
  • Session logout option
  • Remove virus vulnerabilities

Final Words:

As we all know that technology has grown day-by-day due to which hackers used to various kind of hacking techniques to break the security of the sites. Well, WordPress is a robust blogging platform which provides you secure services. Still, hackers try to break all of the security barriers.

That's why security plugins are used to protect the WordPress security. So, check out and download the best security plugin that can protect your site from any kind of dangerous attacks.

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List Of Best Security Plugins For WordPress

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