How To Moderate Comments In WordPress?

Adding Comments In WordPress Website

Comments are the best thing to create an interaction between author & visitors of the site. Because comments allows the visitors to ask any query, doubts or discussing about any topic related to your page/post.

Usually, there is no requirement of any approval to do comments but few authors make settings on comments posrtion i.e; the visitors need approval to do comments.

So, in this chapter, we will study here how to Add Comments in WordPress. The steps for adding comments into your blog posts are as follows:

Step 1 − Click on Pages > All Pages/Posts.

WordPress Posts

Step 2 − The list of pages/posts will be seen as in the following screenshot. Then choose any of the pages/posts that you want to add comments.

Step 3 − To add a comment on this page/post, click on Screen options which is present at the corner on the top right hand.

Wordpress comments

Step 4 − Dropdown the list of Screen Option. Check the Discussion and Comments box i.e; as shown in the following screenshot.

Wordpress comments

Step 5 − Now you can see the Discussion and Comments box at the bottom of your page/post.
There are two options in the Discussion section −

  • Allow Comments: It allows visitors to comment on your blog posts and pages.

  • Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page: It allows visitors to give pings and trackbacks.

In the Comment section, you can add comments by clicking on Add Comment button.

Step 6 − After adding the comment box, click on Update button.

Editing The Comments In WordPress

Comments can be edit but only by admin. We will study here how to Edit Comments in your page/posts.

The steps are as follows to Edit Comments:

Step 1 − Click on Comments in WordPress.

Wordpress comments

Step 2 − You can see the comments list for the different pages. Choose any comment that you want to edit. Click on edit.

Wordpress comments

Step 3 − The Edit comment page will be shown. You can edit the comment and click on Update button.

Wordpress comments

Here you can edit the name, e-mail, URL or the comment from the comment box.

Moderating Comments In WordPress

Preventing from comment spamming the admin manages the comment section in which the visitor’s comments does not directly published and this process is known as Moderate Comments.

Step 1 − Click on Settings > Discussion in WordPress.

Wordpress comments

Step 2 − The Discussion Setting page will be shown.

Wordpress comments

In the field of Comment Moderation, enter those words or URLs that you do not want any visitor to add comments. Whenever a visitor gives any comments, firstly, it will be moderated by the admin and then it will be published.

Step 3 – Finally, click on Save Changes to save the changes.

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How To Moderate Comments In WordPress?

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