MyThemeShop Review : Best Club Store Of Themes And Plugins

MyThemeShop is one the best store of WordPress themes & plugins and it will provide you one of the best collections of WordPress free as well as premium themes and plugins that will make your website impressive.

Whenever you looking for themes or plugins, the website users squashed their choices because there are a lot of options to choose a perfect theme. And in such cases, this is so difficult to make the right choice because it is important to your website's success.

After all, your website's theme play an important role in attracting your visitors and the plugins of your site define the functionalities of your site. That's why to help you make an effective decision I personally suggest you should go for MyThemeShop.

Why MyThemeShop Is Better?

Before discussing about MyThemeShop, probably there is a question comes in your mind - "Why Should You Choose MyThemeShop For Pickup Any Kind Of Theme Or Plugin?" Right!.....

Well, I must say that this a very common as well as good question which comes into your mind and you have to right to know why I am recommended you this superb club for purchasing themes and plugins. So, I want to tell you the main reason for recommending you MyThemeShop which is as follows-

Did you know that 1 second delay in your website loading time can reduce your traffic upto 16%?​

Yes, it is true that the SPEED of website matters in terms of sales as well as search traffic because where every bit of second counts there you can't waste your website's visitors time by using slow loading website. Even Google also gives TOP priority to the sites that loads faster and also give them better ranking comparatively slow loading websites. 

And not only your website visitors but also Google crawlers will be happy to your website's fast loading speed and they can give you better traffic as well as better ranking apart from all other sites. Well, there are a lot of things matters to make a successful website but this is the most important that I'd tell you.  

So, if you want to build a quick loading website with fastest loading WordPress themes and plugins then you should select themes and plugins from MyThemeShop. And here you can gather the information about the MyThemeShop that can help you to select a perfect theme for your website.

What Is MyThemeShop?


What do you think – What will be the answer to this question? I think you could be easily guessed with its name that MyThemeShop is a shop of WordPress themes and plugins.

Or you can say that MyThemeShop is almost like a library of themes. It is a theme provider that is an expert in generating responsive WordPress themes. It is a membership website that provides you the access of constantly-updated your themes as well as plugins.

The best part is that it offers you most of the free themes and the remaining you can pay for premium themes or you can pay your joining fee for your membership by which you have the unlimited access to use any of the themes or plugins.

Well, MyThemeShop especially offers the themes for bloggers, writers, magazines, news, business, shops as well as for eCommerce sites. And as I told you that each and every theme is responsive and also mobile-ready, optimized by professional bloggers, hand-crafted from design to code and also easy to set up with single click installation.

You can see here the important key points of MyThemeShop that explains it in a very effective way:​

#Fully Responsive:

The themes of MyThemeShop are 100% fluid responsive, because of that your website will look great on mobile devices and tablets, but it will also enhance the loading time of your website as much as possible due to which your site become faster than any other sites. This will help to increase your visitors on your site as well as Google crawlers will quickly notice your website and you can better ranking on Google. For Example you can see here-


myportfolio theme

If you are looking for fast loading theme or fluid responsive theme then you can go for this theme because it is fully responsive and easily adjustable to fit any display wherever you want to see. You can purchase it from MyThemeShop which is a collection of themes and plugins. 


newspaper theme

It is a beautiful and elegant WordPress theme which is design for content-rich sites. NewsPaper theme is perfect for blogs that have many posts of multiple categories to engage their readers because it has lots of trending and latest sort features, media-rich features, and multiple post layouts.

NewsPaper theme is a most popular theme which is used by famous websites such as - Lifehack is one of the most popular sites in the world and you can see here it's statistics, like-

  • ​Global Rank- 2,087
  • US Rank- 1,552

This is amazing! right..... you also want to know the traffic on that site. So, according to SimilarWeb statistics-

There are 18.6 M estimated visits at last month​. And it's traffic sources will be shocked you totally which is-


56.91 %

Social Media

7.79 %


35.3 %

As you have seen already the stats of Lifehack site's. So if you also want to huge traffic searches in your site then you should really use this theme. And it has also some extra features that can easily attract you and if you want to design a beautiful and elegant website then you should go for this theme. It has-

  • Responsive Layout
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Speed Optimization
  • Easy Translation

#Ad Management:

Well, MyThemeShop know exactly where the ads should be placed. As well as it may provide you with a built-in option to manage your ads for the best CTR and highest earnings. You don't need to rely on third-party plugins to handle your ads. Sounds amazing! right......... 


schema theme

Schema is one of the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress themes. It includes many custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and also a pixel perfect design. Schema also involves rich snippets that help search engines to find your site as well as rank you higher. It may provide you the best thing is that Ad Management that would not be provide easily in all other themes. You can purchase it from MyThemeShop very easily that can help you making money.


sociallyviral theme

SociallyViral Free is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic. With features to help increase social sharing, you'll get more traffic from the web's top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.

Well, SociallyViral theme is an excellent theme and the best part is that it is free of cost in MyThemeShop store. You can it in better way as you want because it is used by most of the popular themes like- ViralNova.

ViralNova is famous site because it is based on viral content and things and this site is used the SociallyViral theme and here you can check out it's statistics-

  • Global Rank- 7,671
  • US Rank- 5,983

And the estimated traffic comes around 4.5M visitors at last month and it's traffic sources are-


19.27 %

Social Media

21.77 %


58.96 %

​What are you waiting for, just go ahead and purchase this theme. Well, it has some unique features that can impress you at first sight such as-

  • Adsense Optimized
  • Optimized For Social Shares
  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Fully Social Integration

#Mobile Friendly:

Make sure you aren't missing out this one because most of the visitors use mobile to internet surfing due to which your theme should be mobile friendly. And the themes to work really well on mobile devices as well as tablets, while at the same time we ensure the usability isn't compromised. And the best theme is for that-


mobileapp theme

It is an awesome WordPress theme which is designed to help you boosted your mobile application or game. It has the ability to animate screenshots, also have unlimited sections, and logically combined download buttons. Because of that, you'll see more and more users and also you can show them how it looks on their device. MobileApp is a very mobile friendly theme which is very attractive thing of your theme. This theme also you can get in MyThemeShop store.


cleanapp theme

CleanApp is also a perfect theme to showcase your iPhone, Android, mobile, or other application. With CleanApp, you can build your app website and show off your app features, screenshots, testimonials, and help your users get your app thanks to the user experience optimization that improves downloads.

It is a very impressive theme and the best part is that this is also good for users because they can use as an app. It is a mobile-friendly theme that will be plus point for you. Many corporate sites use it and you can also use it very easily. You cab buy this theme from here and you can get it in only $59. It has some exclusive features-

  • One Click Installation
  • Translation Ready
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Optimized
  • Off-Canvas Mobile Menu

#SEO Friendly:

It can be ensures there are no barriers for search engines to crawl your website. The themes of MyThemeShop keeping latest search engine guidelines in mind. If you are looking for Search Engine Optimized theme then you have to go for PointPro theme through MyThemeShop store. For Example-


pointpro theme

PointPro theme is fully optimized for search engines. And you can clearly understand that this means your site will be more quickly discovered by Google crawlers leading to top rankings and more visitors. And you can get this theme from MyThemeShop in only $59.


Architect is a perfect as well as great blog theme for businesses which is very beautifully designed, cleanly coded and also highly functional. It has rearrangable homepage sections, a fluid responsive design, an SEO friendly blog layout and also it has lots of features, and definitely it makes your business grow.

It is a very creative theme which is used by many websites because it has number of features that makes it unique as well as impressive that are as follows-

  • Super-Fast Loading
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • CSS Animated Counters
  • Testimonial Sections
  • Project/Portfolio Posts
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Widget Ready

This creative theme you can easily get through this store of MyThemeShop that is used by many creative sites. You can Buy Now this theme very easily by MyThemeShop.

#Easy To Setup:

MyThemeShop is committed to making our products ready to use out of the box. That's why our themes come with a light-weight social sharing option built in. 

You can rest assured that your articles will be getting the social media love they rightly deserve.


MagXP Theme Review

It is the ultimate Magazine WordPress Theme. MagXP has 4 homepage layouts, as well as an options panel that lets you control the design. Even you can change the design from bright and clean to dark and minimal quickly. This theme is the perfect combination of flexibility, form, and function.

MagXp is one of the most popular themes which is famous for it's responsiveness as well as for its easy to setup rule. And it is used by many other popular sites such as- MensXP. So you can purchase this theme very easily from MyThemeShop. 


eMaxStore Theme

eMaxStore is a creatively designed eCommerce theme which can use for multiple purposes. It can help you to represent your products in a very impressive way as well as generate more sales, and it also has a beautifully designed blog which means it can either be a standalone blog or it can be a part of a huge eCommerce website.

eMaxStore is a beautiful designed theme that shows your products in a stylish way and this theme is used by many eCommerce sites because it is mainly designed for that purpose. And it has a lot of unique features that will be helpful for your eCommerce site.

  • WooComerce Compatible
  • Parallax Slider
  • Fluid Responsive
  • Easy To Setup
  • Related Products Carousel
  • Customized Featured Products Carousel
  • Fixed Floating navigation

You can pickup this theme very easily from MyThemeShop for your eCommerce sites. You can get only $59 in this store. You can purchase it her from MyThemeShop. 

MyThemeShop Pricing:

MyThemeShop pricing is fairly simple and the list is available here:


If you are purchasing the WordPress themes and plugins from MyThemeShop then there are many benefits of using themes and plugins of MyThemeShop which are as follows:

1. Make More Money: These are one-time investment process because you only spend your money on the products of MyTthemeShop at initially but this will make you money for a whole lifetime. And it will definitely help you to increase your page views, reduced the bounce rate and more visitors to your site.

2. No Hidden Charges: Well, MyThemeShop provides you fully trustworthy services as well as it offers you transparency with their pricing value. It means that MyThemeShop has simple pricing value and they won't leave you confused as well as they never give you surprise with any kind of additional costs.

3. User Engagement: Generally, MyThemeShop put a lot of thought and also effort into their designs. And their designs look so professional as well as interactive that can help you to make more and more valuable visitors with a low bounce rate.

4. Easy To Use: MyThemeShop offers one click import/update services by which you can easily use and setup your website with a suitable theme.


  • Fast loading time
  • There are many options available for choosing themes.
  • It has great value membership club.
  • It has lots of features also included SEO-friendly code.
  • Great selection of plugins.
  • It covers a wide range of websites.
  • It provides help with documentation.


  • Some of the themes looks similar at many times.
  • There are lacking of features and also in flexibility of some multipurpose Word Press themes.

Last Words:

Now, at last, I just want to say that the MyThemeShop Word Press themes and plugins are always offered best services like – highly functional, fast loading, SEO-friendly code, clean and clear designs for creating a wide range of websites.

So, if you are looking for a collection of attractive as well as well-supported themes and plugins then I would highly recommend you just check out the MyThemeShop.

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MyThemeShop Review : Best Club Store Of Themes And Plugins

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