Managing The WordPress Appearance

Theme Management

In WordPress site, theme plays an important role to make your website impressive, interactive and user – friendly. That’s why you have to know how can you manage theme in your website. So, here we will study about Theme Management.

The theme management consists the image files, templates, CSS Stylesheets and so on, by which you can make your website attractive.

The steps are discussed below:

Step 1 – Click on Appearance > Themes.

Wordpress appearance

Step 2 – There will be a screen displayed which shown as following snapshot. Hover the cursor on any theme and then click on Theme Details.

Wordpress appearance

Step 3 – When you click on Theme Details, that page contains the details about the theme like – the version of theme, description, tags etc.

Step 4 – If you want to add this theme into your website then click on Activate button but if you only to check out the theme then click on Live Preview which you can see in the following snapshot.

Wordpress appearance

If you click on activate then you get a pop-up message.

Step 5 − Click on Customize.

Step 6 – You can customize your theme by using inbuild options which are present at the left side of the page. And whatever changes you made or add something new then it will be displayed on the right side of the page.

In our next chapter, we will learn how to customize the appearance of the themes, i.e.; WordPress Customize Theme.

Customizing A WordPress Theme

When you choose theme to your website then it is already design very well. But if you want to make changes into your website then you can customize your theme. Because it will help you to provide a new look to your website.

The steps of Customize theme are as follows:

Step 1 − Click on Appearance > Customize.

Wordpress appearance

Step 2 – There will be a screen appeared as shown below:

Wordpress appearance

As we told you that you have the customizing section on the left side and on the right side you have the theme which you have chosen for your site. That’s why whatever you make changes on left side that will be displayed on right side of the page. Few options describes below that you must know –

Active theme: With the help of this option you can change your theme just by clicking on ‘Change.’

After clicking on change button, you will see there a list of themes in which you can choose one whatever you want. And then click on ‘Save & Continue’, in this way you will save your theme.

Site Title & Tagline: In this part, you can add the title of the site as well as tagline that you want to add into your website.

Colors: You can change the color of header text by using this option as well as you can add new color into your box which is situated in between ‘current color & default.’

Header Image: You can insert an image by choosing from your collection of images or add a new image through clicking on ‘Add New Image.’

Widgets: Add widgets into your site by following some points which are discussed below:

When you click on the arrow mark the following image displays.

Here are two options −

1) First option is the ‘Main Widget Area’, when you click on this option you will get another list of widgets which is appeared in the footer area.

When you click on any of the widgets then a dropdown displays where you can edit more or add more. For example − If you want to add tags then the following image appears.

2) Secondary Widget – In this section, you must click on ‘Add a widget’ and you will get a side bar with a list of various kind of widgets. Click on any widget and it adds in to your widget list.

If you want to add more widgets then click on ‘Add a widget’ again and in this way you can add more widgets as many you want.

Static Front − Select either latest posts or static front page for your site.

Widget Management

Usually, widgets are small blocks which are used to perform particular functions. These specific designs & structures control the WordPress theme. So, we will learn here about the Widget Management. Few features of widgets are as follows –

  • They help you add content and features.

  • They can be easily dragged and dropped in widget area.

  • They vary from theme to theme. They are not same for every theme.

Step 1 − Click on Appearance > Widgets.

Step 2 − The following screen displays the available widgets.

Wordpress appearance

And the functions of the widgets appears on the page –

Wordpress appearance

  • Available Widgets: These can be use to add into your sidebar main.

  • Inactive Sidebar(not used): These are not used and can be permanently removed from the widget list.

  • Inactive Widgets: Removes the widgets from sidebar but keep it in the settings.

  • Sidebar Main: Any widget that you have been add here which will show on your site.

  • Manage in Customizer: It will takes you back to the customization page.

Step 3 – Just drag & drop in the sidebar main, any widget that you want to add here to show on your site.

Background Of A Theme

In this chapter, we will learn how to upload or change any background images, background colors and background opacity.

Step 1 − Click on Appearance > Background.

Step 2 – There will be a page appears where the Background Image section opens.

Step 3 – So, if you want to upload an image, then click on Select Image. You get the page, where you can upload images using these two options.

  • Upload Files

  • Media Library

Step 4 − Upload Files: When you click on Upload files then there will be a screen is appeared. You have to choose files from your desktop and then click on Choose Image if you satisfied with the image.

Step 5 − Media Library: When you click on Media Library then the following page appears. You have to choose one file from the WordPress media library.

After selecting an image, you will see few options on the right side of the screen −

  • Edit Image: When you click on this option then you will reach on the next page where you ca edit your image’s dimensions, thumbnail settings even you can crop it which as shown in the following screenshot. After making all changes click on Save and then click on Update button.

  • Delete Permanently: If you want your image remove from the library then click on this button.

  • URL: Enter your image URL into this box.

  • Title: If you want to make any changes in the title of the image then you can do it right here.

  • Caption: You can explain briefly about your image in this section.

  • Alt text: Give an alternative text to your image so that it is easily available for the users during search.

  • Description: A little description about your image.

Step 6 − Click on Colors > Background Color on the same page. According to your choice change your background color. But Background Opacity is not used in all themes. And also theme customization is not same for every theme that we use. It varies from theme to theme.

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Managing The WordPress Appearance

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