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Plugins is created to make your task easy in WordPress. Because plugins has many features as well as functionalities that will solve your many difficulties in a very simple way.

Plugins expand the functionality of WordPress. In this chapter, we will study how you can view the plugins in your WordPress.

The simple steps are as follows:

Step 1 − Click on Plugins > Installed Plugins.

Wordpress plugins

Step 2 − Here you will see the list of plugins which already exist on your site that as shown in the following screenshot.

Wordpress plugins

There will be a table of Plugin and Description. The plugin column has the list of the names of the plugins and the description column has a brief description about the plugin.

The following functions appear as Plugin toolbar options on the page −

  • Active – It shows the active plugins on the website.

  • Inactive – It shows the installed but inactive plugins on the website.

  • Update Available – It shows, if a new version of plugin is available or asks to update the new version of plugins.

Install WordPress Plugins

We will learn here to Install Plugins in WordPress. Well, it is very easy to install plugins and all plugins are free of cost to download. But the only condition apply here is that the plugin must be in the WordPress directory.
The steps to Install Plugins is given below:

Step 1 − Click on Plugins > Add New.

Wordpress plugins

Step 2 – There will be a search box as shown in the following snapshot, put the name of the required plugin. Here we have searced for All In One SEO Pack plugin. Then the plugin will be displayed in your screen.

Wordpress plugins

Step 3 − Click on install now button to install the plugin on your website. The plugin will automatically start downloading and installing.

Step 4 – Now, click on Activate Plugin to activate the plugin on your website, that makes your task easy by using this plugin.

Step 5 − Once the activation process will be completed, then you will see the installed plugin in the list of plugins.

Customize WordPress Plugins

You can customize your login page by using the WordPress theme customizer. This new method helps you to customize you’re your site without writing any HTML or CSS.

The steps to Customize Plugins in WordPress are as follows:

Step 1 − Click on Plugins > Add New.

Wordpress plugins

Step 2 − Install and activate the Custom Login Page Customizer Plugin.

Step 3 − Click on Appearance → Login Customize section.

Step 4 − Click on Start Customizing button to continue.

Step 5 − It will launch the built-in WordPress theme customizer. Now you can customize the theme as you want.

Step 6 − Click on the new Login Customizer tab in the side panel. Login customizer page will be shown. On the login customizer page, you can customize your login page similarly as you customize your WordPress theme.
Step 7 − The customized login page will be seen.

  • Logo – You can upload logo according to your choice to replace the default WordPress logo.

  • Background − You can choose a background color or image according to your choice.

  • Form Background − Select form background image or color for login form container of your choice.

Well, most of the selections in the customizer panel are transparent. You can check all the selections in the customizer to adjust the setting as per your requirement of your login page. Click on Save and Publish button.

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How To Install | Customize WordPress Plugins

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