Managing The WordPress Tools To Keep Secure Your Website

Available Tools

This section is used to make WordPress work in a “Turbo” mode. These tools having the ability to use Google gears. Like – “Press This” , a bookmark tool and the Categories to Tags Converter which are described below –

Step 1 – Click on Tools > Available Tools.

wordpress tools

Step 2 – Click on Press This.

This feature allows you to quick posting as well as publishing by using the special web browser. Even you can make a shortcut to allow the use of “Press This” from the new post screen. Then you can activate the functions. It is a kind of bookmark feature which saves your selecting favorite links.

wordpress tools

Step 3 – Click on Categories & Tags Converter
Use this feature to convert the categories to tags or tags to categories. When you choose this you will direct to the Tools Import Screen.

Import Tools

If you have posts or comments in another system then WordPress can import those posts or comments in to your site.
Step 1 – Click on Tools > Import.

wordpress tools

Step 2 – The options are as given below –

  • Blogger

  • Blogroll

  • Categories & Tags Converter

  • LiveJournal

  • Movable Type & TypePad

  • RSS

  • Tumblr

  • WordPress

If you want to start then select a system from the given options which as shown in the following screenshot:

wordpress tools

Export Tools

When you click the button which is given below then WordPress will make an XML file in to your computer. This format, which is known as WordPress extended RS or WXR, having your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories & tags.

Once you have saved the file then export it. After that you can use the Import function to another WordPress installation.

Step 1 – Click on Tools > Export.

wordpress tools

Step 2 – Now you can export your file whatever you want. Like

  • Post

  • Pages

  • Media.

You can see here the following screen to help you export the file –

wordpress tools

Image – export tools

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Managing The WordPress Tools To Keep Secure Your Website

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