10+ Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress 2018

When we talk about WordPress, we talk about one of the most used content management systems on the internet. WordPress is used to power all kinds of websites. Initially, WordPress was developed to be used on blogs, but as the community and developers for WordPress increased in numbers, it was clear that WordPress had the potential to do a lot more than just powering blogs.

Today a lot of important websites and people use WordPress to power their websites. WordPress provides the options to use things like a plugin or a theme to make your WordPress website work the way you want it to. There are thousands of plugins that can do different things and themes can make your website look better altogether.

Some plugins can be used to present some information to the visitors of your site. One of the best ways to show notifications or information is via showing bars on the top of your site.

In this post, I am going to mention some of the best WordPress notification bar plugins you can use to show notifications and other information via the notification bar on your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Notification Bar

Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar Pro

Showing notification bar brings a whole new level of engagement to your website. If you want to display such a bar, WP Notification Bar will be an excellent choice for you. The premium plugin enables you to display different types of notification bars containing text, links, post content, newsletter subscription, social media links, countdown timer, search form, and so on.

You can get started with any of the 14 professionally designed color schemes, or choose custom colors. As the notification bar works perfectly with all WordPress themes, you can use any shortcode to display custom content. The fully responsive plugin shows an instant preview as you are designing the notification bar.

You can decide if the visitors can hide, toggle, or can’t close the bar.It is also possible to show or hide the bar based on various filters like the login status, device type, referred type, etc.

WP Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar

The WP notification bar – as the name suggests – lets you put a quick notice bar on your WordPress Blog, you can change the color of the bar or even the font; Perhaps add a tweet to the notice, or maybe a Facebook like button. You can even have fully custom CSS doing the background for the bar. It might not be the most simple thing to set up and might require some skill to make what you want of it, but it will be a more customizable solution when compared with others like it.

Notification Bar Plugin

WordPress Notification Bar

This plugin will let you add some fancy notifications to your WordPress blog. All it does is put a nice and simple bar on top of your blog telling your users what is up. It comes in 5 magnificent colors! By default, it’s supposed to hide after 7 seconds, though. 7 seconds of notifying your users that something needs their attention. There’s also a paid version that costs 20$ and gives you an extended segment where you can add whatever you want and some extra options to play with.

WordPress Notification Bar

Free WordPress Notification Bar

Making a community around your WordPress blog is hard work, uniting them for a common goal is harder. Which is why plugins such as this exist – to help you guide your community and give them a call to action. It could be anything really – get more likes on your Facebook page or followers for your Twitter. Perhaps something bigger, maybe a fight against the evils against net neutrality. The plugin is versatile enough to fit any need; it can be stuck, or be in any color you like – while being extremely easy to set up.

Easy Heads Up Bar

Easy Heads Up Bar

A WordPress notification bar plugin that’s easy to set up and features infinite colors is what Easy Heads Up Bar gives you – it’s literally in the name. It also lets you create and stack multiple bars at the same time, or show them with an interval – by default randomly. You can even schedule different notifications for different times of the day; it’s quite powerful regarding control tools. You can also set it up to only appear on individual pages, and it has no limit to how much height it can have. You can even add images or shortcodes!

Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is quite possibly the most elegant way to say a sweet hello to your visitors on your WordPress blog. It is also quite possibly the most elegant solution to set up for you – with the ability to make it any colors you could imagine and adding whatever you could you want to it. The best thing? Once you go through the setup, you never have to touch the code ever again, since everything is editable via beautiful visual editor.

Fluid Notification Bar

Fluid Notification Bar

The Fluid Notification Bar plugin will add a notification on top of your WordPress blog – featuring a close button! Fancy animations! And the best of it all, you can add more buttons to it! But actually, a bar such as this can serve multiple purposes. You could just welcome new and old visitors, or even perhaps announce a few giveaways sometimes. It’s the one thing that is sure to get the attention of your users without obstructing their usual browsing.


Foobar WordPress Notification Bars

Foobar is one of the professional notification bars you could go for, bringing you powerful tools to control the behavior and the looks of it. Unlike most notification bars – this one even lets you pick the location you want the notification to pop up in. Sounds something silly and obvious you would expect in most plugins, but it is not. It features buttons, the ability to change colors, fonts, and even the branding. All this comes at a price of 17$ though, so that you know – good things don’t come free.


Wordpress Notification Bar SuperbarThe Superbar stays true to its name and packs features enough to make it more than a casual bar. The Superbar lets you put an advanced countdown in the notification bar. It also allows you to customize what it looks like, down to the HTML – allowing you to add custom HTML to your notifications. It also features, a Twitter feed, a search box, a login form, and even social icons to fulfill your social craving.


nBar Advanced WordPress

nBar might sound like it is for notifications – since nBar as in notification bar – however, it is not. A nBar is multipurpose; it can be a notification bar, of course, but at the same time it can also be an advertisement, promotion, perhaps some general information for your visitors that they must know. It features five different styles with which it can present itself, besides those you can customize the look and feel of the bar any way you want.


I already mentioned what these WordPress notification bars plugins are used for. Apart from that you can also use WordPress pop-up plugins to display any message to your users.

Personally I like Hellobar as the best among these just for the simplicity. You can just get started with it without even messing with the settings much.

The nBar is also an excellent option for the price. It is not only responsive but also highly customizable and with all the extra features.

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10+ Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress 2018

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