Don’t Be Someone’s Half-Love, Be All In Or Nothing At All

here’s nothing ‘half’ when it comes to love. You surely shouldn’t like it when you’re just another number in a call log or just another name in a chat window. You should never feel like an option in someone’s life and absolutely shouldn’t ever feel like you’re being taken very casually.

If you deserve something, then it’s everything which comes wholeheartedly for you. Everything that promises a future, everything that is passionate and real. Because you aren’t the ‘second’ one in someone’s life and shouldn’t ever be made to feel like one.

Here’s what you need to read and understand if you’re in such a situation.

Don’t settle for half commitments.

More than anything, you should know your worth. Understand that you’re important and you should be for the one you falls in love with too. And so, you shouldn’t ever settle for commitments which aren’t for a lifetime.

You don’t need casual, you need real.

You need someone who’ll ask about your past and also discuss a future with you. Someone who can be there for all your life plans and also make some new ones with you, together.

Curiosity is what should be the key.

Fall in love with a keeper. The one who’ll listen to your 2 pm thoughts and the ones that haunt you at 2 am too. Someone who is curious to discover parts of you which you didn’t even know existed. Someone who’d unfold your secret, slowly and eventually, and also keep them.

Don’t be afraid of demanding a tag.

If you’re madly in love with someone, the person should equally be willing to claim to call you his. Half commitments should never lull you just because they feel comfortable to the opposite person.

Quality time should matter.

Don’t let the person treat you like an option. Know that you’re not going to only speak to them when they make drunk calls, or when they’re bored. You shouldn’t be a backup plan. They should be equally involved in making plans with you as much as you do.

Be accepting of the imperfections.

No one’s perfect because no one’s God. You’re as imperfect as they’re going to be. And if they’re not going to be accepting of your flaws then you don’t need them in your life.

It’s all in the details.

Pay attention to every single thing that they say and that they listen to when you talk. If you’re the one to remember their likes and dislikes, they should too. A relationship is a two-way thing. It only does justice to both.

Change is the only constant.

As much as we’d like to call outselves flawless, we aren’t. And ‘change’ is the only way to bring yourself closer to being perfection. If they’re constantly pointing out at your mistakes while not accepting theirs, you’re in love with a complete disaster. Relationships only work when both are equally wanting to change for good. You can’t keep pointing out at someone’s wrongdoings and get away with yours.

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