Hey Girls, Don’t Get Married Till You Do These 17 Things

All the single ladies out there, you must have came across married women who can’t stop complaining the way single girls live their life. Even if your are not in a relationship with anyone now, you will be settling down in time to come. No doubt one’s freedom gets restricted after getting married as you have to take care of another individual and your responsibility increases.

So girls, before you get yourself committed to someone, check the list of things to do before getting married:

1. Explore yourself

You might never get a chance for that, you might never learn who you are, you might not have enough time when you will be surrounded by your own family, so pack your bags, grab your needs and head yourself for a wonderful solo trip, it will help you to learn about yourself, you will learn how to face unexpected curves in your life.


2. Try all new outfits, which you always wanted to try

Try every kind of outfits, especially all those classy dresses which bothered you most what people will think. Remember you are not going to live this moment again.


3. Make new friends

When I say good friends that simply means those who will be by your side when life gets tough, a responsible shoulder where you can rely on. It’s really very hard to discover good friend around yourself, and if you find one keep them.


4. Try every different shade of colour

You must have thought of trying different hair styles with different colours , well go ahead and try some funky looks , life is only given once you better avail it before it’s too late.


5. Go for blind dates

Not just one guy! Try every kind to make your heart understand what actually its taste is. You might discover how you would adjust with the one after having all those cheesy and spicy experiences.


6. Try cooking delicious meals

Once in a while you should prepare some interesting meals which you never tried before. You will learn new hidden talents of your preparing meals, which will help you in mustering confidence.


7. Get shopaholic

Buy dresses, all those never imagined cosmetics, once in a while indulging yourself into the world of indulgence is worthy it. Buy it girl, go for it, fulfill all your burning desires, let no access of regret.


8. Be independent

Now you are young enough to make all the decisions of your life, go get a job, get your work done by your own, live alone, and accept all the responsibilities by your own. Life will teach you quite a few lessons, pay your own rents, bills.


9. Know yourself

You might enjoy going with the flow but at some point this habit will make you irritate-table. So it’s better to learn about what situations would be best for you to get accustomed, and from which you might need to stay away. Life is all about discovering yourself.


10. Fall and learn

Go girl, fall for the wrong guy, that will teach you about all the uncertainty of life that will lead you to the right track of life.
This totally goes to Kelly klarkson’s song.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


11. Dump all those unnecessary things from your life

Delete all those movies and chapters from your life which you are never going to watch as well as all the chapters which you are never going to read again. Stop rewinding the pages of your life, those days are over girl, make new memories, make new good friends, put your heart where it belongs, you are one in a million.


12. Try out weird hobbies

Bring out any weird hobby out from yourself and try it. As chances are you have to pretend to be normal after you settle down.


13. Hang out with your parents

Throw a party for your parents in your home or you could just take them out to a beautiful restaurant, you don’t have to be very expensive with the list of foods. Your little effort will be enough for your parents. There is no better feeling in this world than spending time with your mom and dad.

Daughter having dinner with parents

14. Go out with your girls gang

Spend time going out with your girls, spend time with them have fun. You never know you will miss it after you get married.


15. Start keeping a diary

Keep a diary and write all those things you want to don’t want to forget and treasure forever. “Dear diary”, are the words which you will reminisce over when you get old.


16. Eat whatever you want

Eat whatever you want even if it is not that healthy. You can always sweat it out, so no worry girl. Just do it.


17. Find out why you want to get married

Do you really love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them? Or do you think you have to get married because you are getting older? Find out the real reason before you make the final call.


So don’t wait much now ladies, start fulfilling your dreams and experience life before you get married.

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