If Your Partner Says One Of These 11 Things, They Might Cheat On You

1. “If I cheated on you, what would you do?”

Hypotheticals have a way of manifesting themselves in reality as well. That’s why you shouldn’t be taking hypothetical questions like these lightly. It means that your partner has engaged in thoughts about actually cheating on you.

2. “What do you think of my new haircut?”

If your partner has had a dramatic change in appearance – such as a haircut – then that might be a sign of infidelity. Sometimes, people who cheat will engage in dramatic aesthetic changes so as to cater to the preferences of their side affairs.

3. “I’m sorry I didn’t text you all day. I’ve been very busy.”

Your partner couldn’t spare at least just 30 seconds to tell you that they’re working on something? Sure. Sounds a little farfetched though.
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4. “You’re so stupid.”

Insults are terrible in whatever scenario. But it’s especially terrible whenever they are made in the context of a romantic relationship. It’s never a good thing when you’re with a partner who just openly insults you to your face. It might mean that they are sick of you. And that contempt can lead them to infidelity.

5. “The office is making me travel a lot more nowadays.”

This is a classic excuse that a lot of cheaters give to their partners whenever they want to engage in infidelity. They cheat on their partners and they will use their work responsibilities as a perfect alibi for them to get time away without drawing suspicion.
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6. “He probably had his reasons for cheating on her.”

If your partner is justifying the unfaithful behavior of another person, then you have reason to be scared. You might be with someone who sees cheating as acceptable in certain scenarios. And that should definitely make you feel uneasy.

7. “I feel like you don’t really appreciate me anymore.”

Be very careful when your partner expresses a lack of validation or appreciation in the relationship. That might be a sign that they’re actively seeking validation elsewhere – maybe even in the arms of another.

8. “Are you cheating on me?”

If your partner is asking you whether you’re cheating on them out of the blue, then that might be a bad sign. It might mean that they’re cheating on you and that they’re just assuming that you would be doing the same as well.
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9. “Why do you keep on asking where I’m going?”

Transparency shouldn’t typically be an issue for the healthiest and strongest relationships. That is why if your partner is acting shady and refuses to tell you certain details about plans that they might have, you have reason for worry.

10. “Why can’t you be more like _____?”

Any kind of comparison to another person is going to be bad and unhealthy for any relationship. However, if your partner alludes to a certain person in particular, then it’s possible that they’re the ones they are cheating on you with.

11. “I don’t want to give you my phone’s passcode!”

Everyone is entitled to their privacy. However, it’s really weird if you notice that your partner is overly protective of their communication devices. What do they have to hide from you anyway? Should you really be worried?
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12. “Oh, is today our anniversary?”

IT’s definitely bad whenever your partner starts to forget the important dates in your relationship. It might be a sign that they’ve started checking out of your romantic situation and they’re not really interested in being with you anymore.

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