How To Reinstall WordPress In cPanel With Easy Method

reinstall wordpress
Possibly, there will be many reasons including hacks, dead links and etc, users find the only solution to re-install their WordPress blog to solve their issues. So, it doesn’t matter what would be the reason, we are all find the easiest way to solve any kind of issues. That’s why here we discuss the two simplest methods of how to reinstall WordPress in cPanel with simplest methods to run your site once again.

WordPress is one of the most popular platform for starting a career in the blogging world and it is very easy to use this. Usually you need to reinstall the WordPress blog because sometimes server gives error like 404 or does not work properly. Today we will show you how you can manually reinstall WordPress blog from cPanel that takes hardly 2-3 minutes. So, have a look on this small guide:

Reinstall WordPress From Dashboard:

This is one of the fastest as well as simplest method. You have to follow these steps to reinstall WordPress:

Step 1 – Login into your WordPress admin area.

wordpress dashboard

Step 2 – Click on the “Dashboard”>>”updates.”

wordpress dashboard

Step 3 – Just click on “Reinstall now” button.

reinstall wordpress

With this the fresh installation will replace the old one. And this simple trick can resolve the issue with the broken links. The best part of this method is that whenever you update your WordPress from the dashboard then you don’t need to replace your files. You can see, how simple method is this!

Reinstall WordPress In cPanel:

To reinstall WordPress in cPanel, you have follow these steps which are given below:

  • Type in your browser.

  • Click on “Advance” and then proceed to We want to recommend you that firstly you have to prepare the backup all of your blog & widget’s data then delete all the files.

  • There will be a login panel enter you “username” and “password” that you get from your server.

  • You can see the “File Manager” in cPanel, click on that and a pop-up window will appear.

  • In that pop-up window select “choose your website” by scrolling down menu>>”home directory”>>”go.”

  • Then there will be a new window appear on screen. Select “Home Directory”>>”select all”>>”delete.”

That’s it! Now you have successfully delete all of the blog data from your cPanel website.

Now you can install website without any error.

How To Install The WordPress Website:

You have to just follow few steps to complete this process and the steps are as follows –

  • Open cPanel of your website.

  • Find “Quick Install” or you can search this option on “Find” option. Enter “Quick Install” in that field and you got it very easily.

  • Wait for few minutes and you can see there will be a box of WordPress. So, click on “Get WordPress.”

  • Now you see there will be two type of installation whether ‘Free’ or ‘Premium.’ If you have less budget then you should go for Free Installation. And if you have good budget then you should go for Premium Installation. Because in Premium option you’ll get more premium themes and more functions for your website.

  • There will be a form appear in which you have to fill all your details. Like – Email Id, Website Name, Your name.

  • After filling the form you should click on Install WordPress.

  • Wait for few seconds and you will get the username & password in the upper right side of the window.

You have to fill all of the information –

  • Enter your website username.

  • Enter your WordPress password.

  • Enter your WordPress website Login URL for login process.

Congrats! Your website is created.

Enjoy your blogging!

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